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EA_SHP_color   Certified Sustainable Housing Professional

Our roots in the construction industry originated in remodeling. When you are ready for a change, PHB has solutions for you. We deliver all of the advantages that go with new home construction, in our remodel and addition projects. This includes the personalized service that goes the extra mile.  We can be trusted, our sub-contractors can be trusted, and you can be assured that your home and your privacy will be respected. And of course, the final product will be of the highest quality.

The business of remodeling and additions is a tricky adventure. There is no doubt that certain builders are more suited to this style of construction. A high level of communication between the owner and the builder is critical to success. An experienced eye is necessary to catch problems before they consume the project. Most of all, the work being performed requires the highest level of skill to ensure a balanced product that blends the new features with the existing

The bottom line is experience, patience, and flexibility. There are no substitutes for these qualities and when you use PHB for your next project, there will be plenty to go around. Our attention to details will save your mind, your time and your budget. If you are considering a remodeling project or  home addition, it is worth your time to contact us for a consultation.

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